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  • How much powder should I use?
    For grease busting, one 500ml sachet is usually the right amount for one kitchen aisle. For spills, cover the spill fully overlapping the edge of the spill by about 3cm. Instructions for use are on the packaging.
  • What’s so bad about a mop and a bucket? I’m used to that.
    Kitchens and hospitals encounter a ton of spills every day, leading to hours of cleaning and litres of water consumed, as well as chemicals and plastics. Did you know that a mop head is made from polymers? And every time you wash them, you’re sending microplastics down the drain into local water sources, and eventually into the sea (think of Nemo). Our solutions can cut cleaning time by a third as well as cut a number of costs, thereby saving two of our most precious resources: time and money. And, incredibly, unlike mops, our products actually remove grease and spills from the floor! Why use something wet to clean something wet?
  • Is the powder toxic for human use?
    No. Our powders are 100% safe and in fact harmless to plants, marine life & animals as well as us humans.
  • Can I put the powder down the sink?
    No. It clogs up the sink.
  • Is it ok to walk on the powder when it is on the floor?
    Yes. You can walk on the powder while it is being used to strip grease from the floor.
  • Are the products safe around food?
    Yes. Our kitchen-use powders are an inert mineral, food-safe, have no chemicals, and are exempt under REACH Annex V.7.
  • How do I dispose of the powder after it’s been used?
    Dispose of the powder in whichever waste bin is appropriate to what you used it for: If degreasing a floor from cooking oil, the whole lot can go in food waste or general waste. If you’ve used our product to absorb a liquid chemical spill, then it needs to be disposed using your local authority guidelines for hazardous waste. If used on body fluid spills, dispose of in clinical waste. The powder itself is inert, so if not used it can be disposed of in general waste (but don’t waste it!).
  • How do I know your claims are valid?
    Over the last ten years, we’ve sold over 1.4 million spill & grease kits to Tesco’s, the NHS, McDonald’s, Mitchell & Butler’s and other leading brands to deal with their spills in a safe & efficient way, without one single product return. The efficacy of our products has been tested by independent organisations, including the highly reputed BluTest Laboratories. You can also test it for yourself and see the results!

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