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Be Water Free

We aim to save one billion litres of toxic water from entering our oceans by 2025. One sachet of our powder saves 16 litres of water.

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Who We Are

FORSPILLS is a U.K. based company changing how everyday spills and dirty floors are cleaned with the first truly innovative products in the cleaning sector in 100 years. Can you imagine not cleaning your kitchen floor using a mop & bucket with water and detergent but instead using a dry powder? We can!

FORSPILLS is here with revolutionary hyper effective, low cost, simple to use, environmentally friendly products. Not only do our dry-cleaning floor products instantly absorb the nastiest of spills to leave a non-slip, clean, and safe surface, but they also strip walked-in cooking oil and grease, as well as any dirt and contamination from the floor with a simple one step application.

For over a decade, we have been supplying industry leading organisations and companies.

Innovative Thinking

With R&D at the core of our activities, we design and produce world class proprietary products with international trademark and patent protection, bringing our new solutions to a global market.


We own patents that underpin many of our products, such as Greasebuster™, bioperl®, our POP-UP One-Use Card Dustpan, with many others under development.


FORSPILLS®, bioperl® and Greasebuster™ trademarks are registered with the IPO globally and they are accepted by WIPO in UK, EU, China, India, the U.S.A., and more.

Products Sold


Continous Growth for Over

12 years

Staff Hours Saved


Money Saved by Customers


Meet Our Management Team

David Lilly


Pauline Kell

Operations Director

Dale Braster

Logistics Manager

Julian Vogel

Sales Marketing Manager

Michael Longstaffe


Our Values

At FORSPILLS, we are committed to:

Reducing Costs: our products are proven to significantly reduce cleaning times and eliminate the use of water, chemicals and plastics from the process with a range of operational and cost benefits. See full benefits for a list of all the potential savings one sachet of Greasebuster can deliver.

Making Workplaces Safer: a cleaner floor reduces slip, trips & falls, and improves overall hygiene.

Provide a Greener Alternative: our chemical free dry cleaning powder saves water and helps keeping our waterways free from unnecessary pollutants and micro-plastics.

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Our Products

FORSPILLS products replace out-of-date, inefficient, expensive, and underperforming cleaning products and practices in multiple sectors, making floor cleaning cheaper, safer, and environmentally friendly.


Our patented products are based on a highly sustainable mineral and easily tackle the toughest spills, such as oils, grease, and body fluids. By replacing environmentally damaging materials, saving water, and preventing large quantities of detergents from being flushed into waterways, we also support our customers in meeting their sustainability goals.

Saves 16L of fresh water

Saves 20 mins cleaning time

Saves 2.94kWh of electricity

Removes 100ml of detergent going into the wastewater


Reduces pressure on the GRU and Washing machines

Reduces use of mop heads which cuts release of microplastics into watercourses

Reduces used plastics and polymers sent to landfill

Helps prevent grease from accumulating in drains

Our Products Make an Impact

A single 500ml sachet of Greasebuster™

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